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The Candidate Experience



Recruiting is no easy task and when there’s heavy competition for top talent, companies need to realize just how much the candidate experience matters.  From the time they apply for a job, to the interview process, to the period between offer and first day, candidates are not always treated as well as they should be, which can be a big mistake.

Of course, the job search can be a tumultuous time for a candidate too, and getting prepared for a new position can be even more stressful. Making the hiring experience easy and reassuring for the candidate can go a long way, and getting it done can be simple.

A few things to remember in treating your candidates right:

  1. Get back to them

Even an automated email that says, “Hey, we got your resume and are considering it,” is better than the black hole of waiting for a response.

      2. Tell them what to expect

On interview day, let the candidate know important details like the dress code, parking instructions, expected length of interview, and who they’ll meet. Getting on the same page helps to manage expectations on both ends.

     3. Be clear on all the steps

Make sure to explain the entirety of the candidate process up front, so candidates will be ready for multiple interviews, panel interviews, expected hire date, the offer process, etc.

     4. Don’t haul people back for 3 or 4 interviews

Asking them to take off work that many times is inconvenient and risky to their current job. Don’t blow their cover.  

     5. Explain the Offer Process

The offer process should be clearly articulated before an offer is ever presented. Letting the candidate know the process early on will make everything clearer when an offer is made.

     6. Manage the Pre-onboarding experience  

After the offer is accepted but before their first day, make sure to send them some form of correspondence to keep them in the loop. Something like,“We’re excited to have you…..on your first day you can expect your schedule to look like…” will work just fine.

Remember: Good folks are hard to find.  Don’t screw it up by not being polite!



Photo Credit: www. northeastern.edu