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Saturday Morning at the Dog Park



I spend a fair amount of time each week at Muttland Meadows dog park in Grafton with Jake and Rosie. I’m amazed at how different the experience can be, depending on the mix of dogs and owners there at the time. Fortunately, both dogs and owners are creatures of habit, so it’s easy to predict.

My favorite time at Muttland Meadows is Saturday morning at about 7:15. That’s when the cool dogs are there. They’re not just cool because they’re good-looking, although some of them are beautiful.   They have great personalities, they get along well with others and they listen relatively well despite the distractions. There’s Finnegan and Flannery, the lovely collies, friendly and dignified. Sam, the Welsh springer spaniel is there with his owner Robert who generally has a small treat for the rest of the gang. Captain, who can be a little naughty, but is good-natured enough to get away with it, and of course Duncan, the cap-stealing Airedale who is a piece of work, but always there….as predictable as the sunrise. And of course, Rosie and Jake, the coolest dogs on the planet—happy to see everyone, but polite enough to give everyone a little space.

Shouldn’t your workplace be like Saturday morning at Muttland? Cool people with their own personalities and purpose who are respectful, listen well and add to the overall vibe. Keep it that way by hiring carefully. It’s not enough to have a set of skills and a list of applicable experiences. Consider whether your candidates will not only fit in your culture, but add to it. Figuring that out takes time and a number of data points. Contact me for help with a careful hiring process. End up with the cool dogs.